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Our extensive

Fleet of vehicles

Our fleet
Our fleet
Our fleet

Our fleet

At Vernon Land Transport, we operate a wide range of vehicles and can handle single pallet deliveries to full articulated loads which means we are ideally equipped to manage the individual requirements of each and every customer.

VLT has a modern and ever-expanding fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles that meet Euro 4, 5 and 6 emissions specifications. Operated on a 3-year renewal policy, our vehicles are fully maintained by main dealerships to ensure reliability and efficiency.

Below you will find information about the dimensions and payloads/carrying capacity of our current vehicle fleet:

Small van

Payload: 750 kg

Length: 1.5m

Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.1m

Number of standard pallets: 1

Long wheel base Sprinter

Payload: 1400 kg

Length: 3.2m

Width: 1.7m

Height: 1.75m

Number of standard pallets: 4

Curtain side Sprinter

Payload: 1250 kg

Length: 4.2m

Width: 2m

Height: 2m

Number of standard pallets: 6

7.5 tonne curtain sider

Payload: 3000 kg

Length: 6.1m

Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.35m

Number of standard pallets: 10

18 tonne curtain sider

Payload: 9250 kg

Length: 7.5m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 2.6m

Number of standard pallets: 14

26 tonne curtain sider

Payload: 15,000 kg

Length: 9.2m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 2.6m

Number of standard pallets: 18

44 tonne articulated vehicles

Payload: 28,000 kg

Length: 13.6m

Width: 2.7m

Height: 2.7m

Number of standard pallets: 26